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Mother of a hyperactive 7 year old:
Alan's response after two treatments of Face reflexology was amazing. He was much calmer and this had such a positive impact on the family.

Theresa. Age 63 years.
I opened my eyes and I just knew I looked younger. I didn't have to look in the mirror. My skin was warm and felt it had been invigorated and fed a banquet of nutrients.

Simone. Age 60 years.
When Nikke suggested that I might like to try Face Reflexology, I was happy to put myself once again into her capable hands, having previously tried other therapies. The results are quite remarkable, and with regular treatments, are sustained and regularly commented upon.

Recently having had a Big Birthday, I love being taken for much younger! Treatments have dramatic and virtually immediate effects on various ailments; like Nikke herself, managing to be both strong and gentle at the same time. I always leave Nikke's beautiful treatment room feeling calm, uplifted (and young!).

I have been exploring alternative treatments for a number of years. When I had my first 'face reflexology' treatment, the experience was almost miraculous.
Having made me comfortable, lying on a massage table, in a very calming environment, Nikke worked on massaging points on the face, some very gently and some with deeper intensity.
I very soon found myself in a deep state of relaxation, my mind completely cleared of any thoughts of the outside world.
The experience is wonderful and not to be missed in this lifetime.

I have found my skin and health have improved dramatically. Nikke's broad knowledge of Nutrition and Reflexology, and her commitment to her work and patients wellness, make her especially effective.

Margaret. Age 43 years
I have been having foot reflexology on and off for several years, to assist me in coping with long hours and a stressful job and I found that it helped me do this, but I never undertook a course of treatments, it was more a "when I felt I needed it" system.

However, about 3 months ago Nikke suggested that I try face reflexology and I have undertaken a course of treatments, every two weeks for the last three months, and have found it amazing.

Firstly, by seeing me on a regular basis for treatments, Nikke is in a better position to advise me on the changes in my body and let me know the areas that I can work on between consultations. Secondly, I find the treatment helps me more with the stress aspect of my day-to-day life and my busy schedule and this in turn gives me more energy to cope when things don't quite go according to plan! Last, but by no means least, I have been receiving compliments on how wonderful and alive my skin looks. The oils that Nikke use not only smell divine, but help reduce wrinkles in the sensitive areas of the face, such as around the eyes as well as the smile lines around the mouth.

For me it is a win / win situation - feel great and look wonderful!


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